Law & Order: Crime & Punishment: People v. Dailey.

    Paper Question:   
    Argue both sides of this case the prosecution and the defense.
    First: what was the legal basis the Prosecution used to charge Dailey with First Degree Murder?
    Second: what legal reasons did the Defense give the jury to find the defendant not guilty.
    Be sure to:
    Define the different types of common law murder.
    Define mens rea and actus reus.
    Define reasonable doubt
    Your final product should be a well written 3-4 page essay:
    This assignment requires one academic sources.  Your text may be one of them.  (the video does not count as a reference)
    HINT: In order to fully explain the assignment you must define the applicable terms then apply.
    Apply the facts of the video to the concept in order to prove your argument

    Write a solid analysis that gets to the heart of the question. 3-4 pages, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pts font, APA format

    Be sure to write an introduction paragraph that lays out your argument
    Be sure to write a conclusion paragraph that sums up the argument and evidence you presented in the paper.

    DO NOTDO NOTspend even a paragraph re-telling the facts of the movie.  Only use those facts that support your argument.

    Do Not write in first person
    Instead of saying I think or I feel. just state what you mean.  For example:  I feel Jesus Vasquez acted with premeditation.  Instead write Jesus Vasquez acted with premeditation.
    This paper must contain in-text cites concerning any information from the lectures or book.

    Here are some in-text citing tips:  there are two reasons to utilize in-text citing:
    1. When an author’s words are quoted, and
    2. When an author’s ideas are used.

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