For this bonus extra credit assignment, I would like you to  consider the arrest of Kaia Rolles, a six year old girl in Florida who was arrested  for kicking and punching staff at her daycare.  Watch the video in the following link. (Links to an external site.)

    In Chapter 5 of our text by Steven Barkan, it discusses law, deterrence, and incapacitation (page 136 -138).  The chapter highlights that “General deterrence refers  to the ability of law to deter offending in the general population by sending a message  that potential offenders will be apprehended and punished if they break the law”(Barkan, 2009, p.138).

    In a short discussion, explain what message you believe the arrest of Kaia Rolles gives to our society.  You may support your discussion with any materials we have used in our course so far, as well as your own experiences

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