Kitchen Remodel

    You would need to undertake the role of “Project Manager” to identify at least ten (10) Activities for either of the following the following case: Kitchen Remodel. You can assume that you have a fully capable team with the necessary skills to complete all project work. All Activities identified will be the project scope and should be a fairly comprehensive list of the significant activities necessary to complete the project. Draw upon your own experiences and/or research (i.e., online search, etc.) to develop your list of Activities. Each Activity must:

    1)Have plausible estimates (duration and cost) – anticipated expenses should include your time, purchase of materials, hiring of resources, etc.
    2)Be logically related/sequenced
    3)Consist of multiple sub-tasks (i.e., each Activity can be broken down further into several smaller tasks)

    Case: Kitchen Remodel. Remodel either part or your entire kitchen. The project should take roughly one (1) month to complete. Assume that you will either hire contractors or pay friends/family to assist with at least some of the work.

    Please use the template that I attached.

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