Choose a person (could be someone you know or a hypothetical person) with a chronic disease or physical limitation and explain how each principle below applies to that individual in regard to starting a new aerobic training program. You may choose the type of aerobic training this individual will be starting. The exercises you choose for your individual should be based on scientific research proving this type of exercise is beneficial for your chosen chronic disease or physical limitation (e.g. warm water exercise is beneficial for people with multiple sclerosis because the warmth helps with their body temperature regulation problems and water exercises protects from fall related risks). This presentation should be completely self explanatory and include ALL information necessary so the person it is designed for knows EXACTLY what they are expected to do each day of the week (remember the FITT principles). 

    BELOW I ATTACHED A PDF OF INSTRUCTIONS, ALSO 3 EXAMPLES THAT COULD HELP YOU. Each point should have its own slide, unless more room for info is needed.

    1. Personal characteristics Age, gender, disease/physical limitation, exercise considerations for this specific individual (3pts)
    – Age predicted maximal heart rate
    Average VO2max for their age (you can just google this)

    2.What aerobic training did you choose and why? (7 pts)
    – What research exists to support this type of exercise for your specific individual?

    3. Explain the beginner training principles (FITT) Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time (3 pts)

    4. Based on the Exercise Guidelines for Americans (posted on iLearn), create a 12 week program to progress the individual in the FITT principles in a logical fashion. (15 pts)

    5 What are the expected physiological adaptations? (5 pts)

    6. What are the biomechanical considerations? (include all biomechanical principles that are relevant in terms of controlling movement, movement efficiency, minimizing risk of physical injury, etc). (5 pts)

    7. Is any special equipment/clothing required? If so, what and why? (2 pts)

    8. In light of the current shelter in place order, and since no gyms are open right now, how might you instruct your individual to get the same benefit of the exercises you want them to do, but from the safety of their own home? (3 pts)

    9. Conclude with how this type of exercise for your specific individual will contribute to enhancing their quality of life. (2 pts)

    10. Last slide should include your 4 references in APA format. (5 pts)

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