Killing Animals for Sports

    **Attachments of readings are to be read and cited and used for the paper**

    Purpose: This assignment will require you to develop a position on the ethics of hunting animals for sport. It will help you improve your ability to research, think critically about real-world issues, and ultimately develop a compelling argument. It will allow you another opportunity to translate your (presumably) complex thoughts into clear, concise, and organized writing. By the end of this assignment, you will have developed more tools to approach ethical issues that arise in your future academic and professional careers.


    You will take a position on whether or not it is moral to hunt animals for sport. Find and appropriately cite scholarly articles (peer-reviewed) to support your stance and the relevant counterarguments. Then you will respond to objections and rebuttals to your position.

    Formatting Requirements

    12 pt font, Times New Roman
    3-4 pages (no more, no less)
    Descriptive title
    Last name in the header with page numbers
    Works Cited (MLA)

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