You are asked to provide a 2-page summary and critique of an article about the change in organizations. Articles must be from Academic Journals or the Harvard Business Review. The summary will be evaluated by these criteria:
    (a) clarity and correctness, how well it captured the essence of the article; well written with references cited throughout and
    (b) critical reflection (items a-d below included) of how you critique the article’s ideas and integrate them with the knowledge gained in the class and how you and your team might integrate concepts into your team change project or why you would not do so.

    As you share your book, please address a.
    Your gut reaction to this article.
    Three Big Ideas you take away from reading this article.
    The organizational development and change the implications of each.
    The most important question emanating from this reading that you are posing for our consideration.

    The case has uploaded. Please focus on organization development and fulfill requirements.
    Thank you!

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