jonas tv show (2009 – 2010)

    pick a favorite movie, a television show, Broadway play, or music album from their childhood and will write an in depth report on the creation, production and distribution of the piece. Paper must be 2500 words. i chose to do it on the disney channel show “jonas” spanning from 2009 to 2010. any amount of sources can be used because this is a research paper. the paper is supposed to be about the show, but it is ok to mention the groups music fame etc. There will be 3 sections to the paper: 1. Who is responsible for producing it, what persons and corporations (or companies) developed, financed and produced it? Was the project successful, if so what else did it spawn, (sight examples) Give as much detail as possible in regards to the production, starts, writers, budget, shooting details, development detail, releasing details, What effect did the project have on the media within which it was made? (55%) 2. What other shows, films, etc. were being produced at the same time, were those other projects similar or different from your choice, and what made your choice special or not to the people who saw it at the time. In addition, discuss via which media you came to the film and if different than originating media, describe topics trajectory (40%) 3. Hopefully each student will have picked a favorite topic of theirs that they want to know more about it. What did you love about it that made you choose it, and what have you learned that changed your perception of your topic. (5-10%)

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