Jean Watson Theory

    Nursing Profession Research Paper
    The nursing profession is rich with various contributors to the profession in the areas of research, education, and practice among other roles. For the purposes of this assignment, the student must select a current or historical leader in the nursing profession to answer the following questions:

    What are the title and responsibilities of the nursing leader?
    What is the nursing leader’s educational background (school, degree, certifications, etc.)?
    What year did the leader enter the nursing profession? How long has the nursing leader been in the profession?
    What organization(s) is the nursing leader a part?
    What contributions has the leader made to the nursing profession?
    Describe the way(s) in which the nurse pioneered in the profession or exemplified extraordinary leadership.
    What nursing or non-nursing theory does the leader ascribe to?
    How has the identified theory shaped their professional practice?
    Do they believe knowledge of theoretical concepts are important for the contemporary nurse?  Why or why not?
    How does the leader use a concept, theory, conceptual framework, and/or model within their professional role?
    Write a 1250-1500 word paper according to the following:

    Include an introductory paragraph with the reason(s) for selecting the nursing leader,
    In the body of the paper, provide a narrative summary with responses to the questions.
    Conclude with a reflective paragraph on the selected professional role in nursing.

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