Its my linked in (Headline + summary)

    I really cant think of a headline or a summary For my linked in account  all  I know is that I like it to be catchy and formal at the same time. Information about me : Im a translator interpreter editor . Last job was Patients Relations specialist . But for time being I dont want anything that related to translation thats why l wont write  ( translator) under my name.

    If I would pick words for  the fields Im interested in: ( Management marketing business planing design Advertising Art)
    I like administrative work, marketing even though I dont have any experience in that field and also secretary, customer care supervisor.

    Just to give u an idea of MY PERSONALITY :
    1- I like to organize things, schedules, roles 
    2- like to lead.
    3- I DO NOT like Routine đŸ™‚
    4- I like to IMPROVISE .
    5- I always told that Im good at explaining and presenting.
    6- I like Details like VERY DEEP.
    7- I like to own unique things.
    8- I like History and heritage.
    9- I like to help and give people giftsdont know why! I just feel happy doing it.

    Thanks Im sure that ur Better than me when I comes to writing đŸ™‚

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