is ho chi minh a bad leader

    write this firs
    Luis Mendoza Paez                                                                                                          2/12/2020
    The Learning Community                                                                                                Mr. Adams
    Ho Chi Minh was a bad leader because he attacked his own people and ruined the economy. Ho Chi Minh attacked his own people by bombing areas where he had men they were killed by the bombs and attacked his own navy because people tried escaping from the war. Ho Chi Minh ruined the economy by taking people’s stuff and making everything more expensive.

        Ho Chi Minh made everything more expensive because he was taking their supplies away so the price of the food and items went up and it got more expensive, he took many supplies from poor families so they starved and had to look for something to eat. Attacking his countrymen, Ho Chi Minh bombed areas where he has soldiers and he ended up killing them and he bombed his own navy because they were trying to escape    from the war.

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