IRB Application Additional Info

        Across all of your IRB materials, the application form, and your supplemental materials, aim to:
    o    Be Concise. Do NOT copy and paste directly from your research proposals or other documents into your IRB materials.
    o    Be Clear. Avoid jargon and answer each specific question on the application as simply as you can. Grammar and spell check every piece of your IRB application. If the reviewer cant understand your plans or the materials, you will be asked to revise.
    o    Be Consistent. Double-check that the information you provide in the IRB application and all supplemental documents consistently presents your study plans.
        Keep in mind that your research plans must reflect an appreciation of the three principles from the Belmont Report, which are:
    o    Respect for Persons,
    o    Beneficence, and
    o    Justice.

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