The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn firsthand what it takes to be an effective leader. You are to learn what the roles, functions, challenges, and benefits are in leadership. Make sure to identify a person whom you admire as a leader.

    Youll first need to conduct an interview of your imaginary chosen leader

    During this assignment, you will be able to:
        identify an individual who is a leader
        create, implement, and practice an interview
        describe the characteristics and role that makes this person an effective leader

    Conduct an imaginary interview:
    Interview a leader from your organization or local community. Suitable candidates could include a supervisor or former supervisor you respect, a coach, a person of authority in a volunteer organization like the PTA or athletic organization, etc. 

        You should include 10 questions that get at what makes this person an effective leader (characteristics, roles, functions, challenges, and benefits).

    Now give us the following details:
    o    Provide a brief introduction.
    o    Discuss the interview: who was the interviewee, how you chose your questions, where you interviewed the person, and why you chose this person to interview
    o    Organize your thoughts.
    o    Retell some of the questions you posed from the interview and then use direct quotations from the person in the presentation.
        Tell us some of the insights that you have learned from the exercise.
        For example, which leadership style do you see that person as following? Is he or she aware of the type of leadership he or she implements?
        How does it help you reflect on your own leadership style?
        Where you inspired by him or her? If so, what could you adopt or practice that would assist you in growing as a leader?
        Did he or she give you information on their mistakes as a leader?
        If so, what behavior might you avoid as a leader?
        Provide a conclusion that summarizes some important points

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