Intro to Logic: Free testing for Covid 19 testing argument

    For your second writing assignment you should create a dialogue between two citizens, Nancy House  (a Democrat) and Mitch Senate (a Republican) arguing about whether Congress should pass a Bill that provides free Covid-19 testing and free treatment for anyone contracting the Covid-19 virus.  Nancy House is arguing FOR free testing and free treatment for Covid-19  to be paid for by the Federal Government through our tax dollars.  Mitch Senate is arguing AGAINST free testing and free treatment paid for by the Federal Government – instead Mitch Senate argues that testing and treatment has to be covered by your health insurance policy.

    During the course of their dialogue, Nancy and Mitch may veer off into arguing  about various related topics such as universal health care and taxes.  You may introduce different issues as the dialogue progresses, but this should be one continuous dialogue. Do not create separate exchanges for each fallacy.

    As the dialogue progresses, the characters (between them) should commit at least one example of each of the twenty-two (22) numbered fallacies discussed in Chapter Three of Hurleys Introduction to Logic.

    Note: Even though a few of the numbered fallacies have two or three different versions, you need only create one example of each fallacy.  You will not receive credit for additional examples of the same fallacy.

    The easiest format for this type of dialogue is in the form of a script. After each fallacy is committed, place the name of that fallacy in parentheses at the end of that sentence. As indicated by the example below, more than one fallacy may be committed within one exchange. For example:

    Joe: We dont need term limits. Congresspersons are just learning the ropes by the end of their second term and experience counts for a lot!

    Free: You just want the old boys club to stay intact with the same tired old men conspiring to keep their power and create laws to enrich themselves. (Straw Man, Ad Hominem)

    This assignment should be typed, single-spaced with double-spacing between characters as indicated by the example directly above. You should use a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and both sides.  Here is a Good Example of the Second Writing AssignmentPreview the document (based on a different issue) that received 100%.  Please find the grading rubric (below) for this assignment.  You may wish to check the Logic Feedback Key used for grading this assignment to determine if your example will meet the criteria for each fallacy.

    Your entire assignment should be uploaded as one document.  The acceptable document types for upload are .doc, .docx, and .pdf.

    Please avoid the use of profanity in your examples. Thank you.

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