Interpersonal Communication

    Guidelines for Writing Reflection Papers
    The reflection paper is a personal reflection on specific material attached. The primary goal of a reflection paper is to examine how the material intersects with your lived experiences – in school, home, workplace or other.
    Best Practices:
    * The writer demonstrates an understanding of the material by connecting it to her own ideas, previous experience, or recent learning.
    * The paper should not be a free-write or journal entry.
    * The writer should go beyond a first reaction to reflect upon the material, synthesize the personal response in the material, and organize it in a concise, cogent fashion.
    * Although personal response is central to a reflection paper, the work should also reflect about the content attached.
    * The reflection paper should raise questions, and arrive at a conclusion or insight that demonstrates how you, the writer, was influenced by the material or by the reflective process.

    The paper should be 2 full pages.

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