International Relations Assignment 1

    International Relations Assignment 1

    Before you begin this assignment, please review the course materials from the first three weeks of class with a special focus on the three mainstream theoretical perspectives: realism, liberalism and constructivism. Please pay particular attention to the definition of each and avoid pairing them with domestic perceptions of conservatives, liberals, etc. I also recommend reviewing the week 2 forum's Wrap up.  While you may select an outside source to present a world event, it is important to study and incorporate the week 2 readings to explain IR theories. Outside sources on IR theories can be quite confusing for students new to International Relations. 

    For this assignment you will choose a world event. You can choose one of the ones listed below or come up with your own. I suggest that you message me if you choose your own event.   Explain which states are involved, if there are any non-state actors, (for non-state actors' definitions, see Week One Lessons), international governmental organizations  or non governmental organizations involved in the conflict. Also identify a few of the key individuals involved.  Then lastly, and here's the tricky part, decide which theory would best explain the event and explain your choice. Be sure to define the theory.  Lastly, remember that IR theories are not characteristics or states or processes. Think of they as guidelines that help leaders make foreign policy decisions. For example:  Instead of claiming that the North Korea was realist, think about its leader as a realist.

    Your response should be 3 – 5 paragraphs. Remember that one paragraph is about a 1/2 of a page long.  Use 12 pitch, Times New Roman font. The paper should not be more than 3 double-spaced pages, including References. 

    Russia's invasion of the Ukraine

    Terrorist attacks in France

    Russian hacking of US computers

    The Korean War

    The Cold War

    Please be sure to cite source in the text with Turabian in-text citations, and write a Reference List at the end of your work. By this time, you should be familiar with the basics of the Turabian Reference and Citation Style. I do not expect perfection; but I would like to see your effort. The Quick Guide is located in Forums, under Questions about the Course. 

     Please include your last name in the filename and upload your work as a .doc or .docx file. Your submission is due on Sunday of week 3.



    Exemplary       16-20

    Accomplished 11-15

    Developing        6-10

    Beginning          0-5


    Demonstrates Knowledge of IR Theory


    Analysis/Critical Thinking


    Evidence and Support




    Writing Mechanics and Citations





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