International Environment

     International Environment

    1. _______ can divide a small market into even smaller ones.

    1. Climate
    1. Highways
    1. Rivers
    1. Mountains


    2. Hong Kong is seen as a more desirable location for foreign firms than Shanghai because

    1. Hong Kong has a tradition of law adopted from British colonialism.
    1. Shanghai's main language is Mandarin, while Hong Kong's is Cantonese.
    1. Hong Kong remains a British colony.
    1. the Chinese government has given Hong Kong dispensation to act as a sovereign nation.


    3. _______ is a category of renewable energy fuels based on photosynthesis.

    1. Hydropower
    1. Biomass
    1. Wind power
    1. Geothermal


    4. Hiring and promoting employees on the basis of the specific local context in which the subsidiary operates refers to a/an _______ orientation.

    1. polycentric
    1. geocentric
    1. regiocentric


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