international business environment

    This exam consists of 2 essay-type questions, which are based on the two short articles provided. While answering the questions, you are expected to do both an analysis of the information provided in the articles, but also use insights and knowledge you have obtained throughout our course.
    The exam is going to be graded over 100 points.
    Q1 is worth 50 points.
    Q2 is worth 50 points.
    Rules :
    Read carefully what the question asks and be precise in your answer.
    You are expected to submit a Word or Pdf document including your answers via the RESIT EXAM link on the course page on Ipagora (Moodle). No submission via e-mail will be accepted.
    Please create a new document including ONLY your answers (do not use this document, or do not copy-paste the articles in your answer sheet). The submitted document shall not exceed 3 pages (with 12 fonts, double space).
    The deadline for the submission is fixed as June 13, at 01 :30 p.m., Paris time. No submission past this date and time is going to be accepted, so please do NOT wait until the last minute for uploading your document. Remember, there is always a risk of system overload.

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