Integrity Issues in Criminal Justice

    1. Identify a case study for ethical misconduct in criminal justice.  I recommend utilizing the New York Times, to find a case study.  There are numerous articles in the newspaper pertaining to ethical misconduct.

    A.  What is the ethical misconduct?  Exactly what is the dilemma? Summarize the case in 1-2 paragraphs.

    2.  Provide a literature review on the general problem your case concerns (for example, if you are writing about an alleged case of a bad shoot by police officers, you need to survey the relevant literature on the use of deadly force by police officers).

    A.  Address the internal and external forces that gave rise to this dilemma.  What is the possible reason or reasons?

    B. Summary of the relevant facts and moral issues involved in the case. Identify the values, concepts and professional standards associated with this dilemma.  Why is this conduct unethical?

    D. What pressures does this dilemma place on actors?  What choices might they make? Why?

    3. Choose an applicable ethical system for analyzing and resolving this particular dilemma.

    A. Name and description of this ethical system. 
    B. Explain, in detail, why you picked this particular system. How does it fit the facts, values and concepts of this particular dilemma?

    C.  Using this ethical system, resolve the dilemma. What is your solution? Under the precise circumstances given, what is the ethically correct Decemberision? Explain. What is your justification for using this solution?

    4.  References you must use at least 4 sources.  One of those sources must be a journal article.  You must have in-text citations and a full reference section that follows APA guidelines.

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