Informative Speech

    Informative Speech

    The objective of an informative speech is to educate an audience about a subject in order to promote understanding.  Its goal is to explain or describe facts, truths, principles, processes, objects, concepts, issues, people, places, or experiences in a way that stimulates interest, facilitates understanding, and promotes retention.

    Assignment Requirements:

    Each student will deliver an expository speech that seeks to educate his/her audience about some topic, issue, fact, process, controversy, occasion, etc.

    6 to 8 minutes in length
    May incorporate visual/media aids
    Speeches must be delivered extemporaneously (no reading of manuscript)

    Grading Criteria:

    Our objective is to both master the informative genre and the Speech Design Process. Accordingly your grade for these speeches will be based on:

    Your fidelity to the Informative Genre how well do you explain, describe, or demonstrate?
    Your fidelity to the principles of the Speech Design does your speech incorporate all of the elements of a well-designed message?  Engaging Introduction, Organized and Supported  Main Points in the Body, Helpful Visual Aids (if used),  Effective Conclusion
    Your fidelity to the principles of Effective Delivery is your speech delivery animated, conversational, and engaging


    Follow the directions for Recording Speeches, which are found in the Introduction and Orientation Module


    Once you are satisfied with your recording, upload the speech to CANVAS using the “Submit Assignment” button on this page

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