Indonesia tsunami 2004

    It’s a presentation that is related to a research paper (Presentations / Research). so i will request from you to do the presentation first then the and research paper ( i will make another order), *****the topic only must be cause / effect  OR problem / solution  OR descriptive OR pros/cons*******

    I have a file it’s called (word record) you have to write the references such as, (from where did you bring the statistic, etc.. and you must cite it)  that you will include in the presentation and research paper.


    Title slide : Your name – student number – class and section – name of your presentation

    Bottom of each slide: name and student number

    Final slide (slide 5) : References (if you used citations) – Questions? –

    ****you must use APA formatting!!!! and you have to cite everything, for the presentation you have to use 6×6 rule, (it must be less than or equal to 40 words in each slide)*****

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