in-depth exploration of theories

    You must find examples of the theorys application to contemporary social life and potentially offer critiques of this theory. You are encouraged to explore other texts in order to increase your understanding of the ideas. Your final paper will be 7-10 pages (double-spaced). Further details will be discussed in class. Creativity is encouraged.


    Sources are relevant to the topic and appropriate for study
    Topic is researched and described in sufficient depth
    Effective synthesis, making logical connections between resources and social applications

    Clearly defined focus and arguments
    Fully explore important aspects of the topic in sufficient depth and detail
    Comprehension of research, explained fully, clearly, and accurately
    Reasoned arguments supported with evidence and analysis
    Application of theories to social issues
    Recognition of broader implications of social issues
    Depth of critical analysis
    Application of theory to contemporary life


    Well-organized, with logical and systematic connections
    Written clearly and comprehensible; convey coherent and intended meanings
    Grammar, accurate and effective sentence structure
    Vocabulary, appropriate for postsecondary level
    Academic tone (avoids slang, etc)
    Effective use of quotations and references
    Personal opinion, I statements and subjectivity are welcome, (backed up with evidence-based knowledge)
    Any formatting style can be used, so long as it is used formally and properly.

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