Imposter Syndrome Reflection Paper

    Imposter syndrome (spelled also as impostor syndrome), generally describes high-achieving individuals, who despite achieving obvious success, fail to internalize their accomplishments, resulting in feelings of ‘feeling like a fraud’ in their work, personal, or academic lives.  In this assignment, you will apply the principles of imposter syndrome to your personal experience as a transfer student entering the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the UC . In this assignment, you are to address two main questions:

    1) In what particular areas of your academic journey have you noticed imposter syndrome the most?  This may include reflections on:

    ->Academic settings (courses, subjects, secondary or university campuses)
    ->Co-curricular activities (clubs, sports, organizations, leadership opportunities)
    ->Personal identities (gender identity, Person of Color, first-generation college student, non-traditional student, transfer student, geographic background, income status, etc.)

    2) What are some tools, tactics, or practices you can use in your own life to overcome imposter syndrome?  To discover these, please consider:

    ->The class presentation and discussion on imposter syndrome
    ->TED Talk, or other informative video resources
    ->Published, peer-reviewed research on imposter syndrome
    ->Discussions with family members, friends, or peers on similar topics
    ->Personal experience in overcoming feelings of being a fraud

    Although the assignment is primarily a personal reflection on this topic, it should include one reference to support your description of imposter syndrome and ways to overcome feelings of being a fraud.

    Alternatively, if you do not identify as experiencing imposter syndrome at all, please use this paper to explain your stance, and ways in which you can collaborate and build up others (in your classroom, workplace, social gatherings) who may be feeling like an imposter in those settings.  Please still cite one reference.

    Imposter Syndrome Requirement.

    1. Reflection on Imposter Syndrome.

    Writing contains a very clear pattern of reflecting on one’s personal journey specific to imposter syndrome. you must describes the background and experiences (i.e. identities, settings, characteristics, activities) as related to feelings of being a fraud.

    2.Tools, Tactics, and Practices

    Specific tactics and examples of how to overcome imposter syndrome are provided, and these examples are grounded in research and readily executable.


    must be able to order major points in a reasonable and convincing manner based on that purpose. Writing has a clear organization, consistently executed.

    4.Writing style

    you must be able to develop their ideas using a writing style appropriate to the purpose of the assignment. Writing shows a consistently executed and appropriate style

    5.Grammar and Errors

    you must show very good use of standard diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics. Writing shows few if any errors, none of which detract from the overall quality of the paper. Reflection is at least 2 pages, double – spaced.

    6. References and Resources

    you must effectively utilizes one academic source supporting their reflection and major points. Writing uses source material that clearly supports the student’s main points and provides consistent documentation.

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