Implementing a Crisis Management Plan

    Review Blooming Park: Tragedy at Sylvia Plath High School (linked in Resources) and complete the media activities. Then, using the information gathered in those activities, complete the following:

    Assume the role of a new counselor at Sylvia Plath High School, where a popular teacher has just died in a car accident on his way to school.

    For Part 1:

    Explain the crisis event, the school response, and available resources to students in a letter to parents that demonstrates critical-thinking skills.

    Draft the letter requested by the principal explaining the situation to all the parents. In the letter, outline the schools response and provide information regarding the resources available to students both internally, through the school counseling department, and externally, through community agencies.

    For Part 2:

    Examine evidence-based crisis intervention skills and strategies appropriate to the school counselor role that will support students in the recovery process.

    Discuss how to support specific students identified in the principal’s e-mail. Identify the presenting issues. What services should a school counselor provide?
    Discuss how you, as the school counselor, will identify other students who may need support. Present a specific model a school counselor can use to respond to this crisis in the immediate future and subsequent weeks.
    Discuss how you, as the school counselor, will connect the students to community-based resources and help them understand the benefits.
    Examine how the effects of crisis, disasters, and trauma affect diverse people across the lifespan and outline ways to mitigate those effects.

    Using evidence from the literature, discuss three potential ways a diverse person could be impacted by crisis and trauma.
    Using evidence from the literature, discuss three specific strategies to mitigate the impact of crisis, disasters, or trauma.

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