. Identify the population, the sample or census and the existing data source.

    Read the following instructions. Each group will submit a report to this Dropbox.


    Assume that a not-for-profit corporation is assessing the need to open an assisted living facility (ALF) specifically for people with dementia somewhere in Florida.  They have hired your team to gather data to help them determine which county would be the optimal location for this new facility. The facility would have about 100 beds and would accept Medicaid patients.


    Gather data on no more than five variables. Based on these data, what would be your initial recommendation? Is there a need for this type of ALF? If yes, in what county should this ALF be located?


    In your project report, answer the following questions:


    1. Identify the population, the sample or census and the existing data source. You can use U.S. Census data, Florida state data, vital statistics, etc. Be very specific about the source and location of the data. What variables have you selected to use for your report? Provide a link to the website(s) for data obtained online.


    2. Use the online library search tool to locate at least three peer-reviewed references to support the variables that you selected. You must provide pdf files of the articles in the Dropbox to receive credit. Provide a discussion of these articles to support your choice of variables.


    3. For the five variables, create a summary of the data to determine your recommendations. Your summary must include graphs and summary statistics (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, range).


    4. What is your final recommendation? Is the ALF for dementia residents needed? If yes, where should it be built?


    5. What other data would be helpful? Why? Use the grading rubric below to organize your project report:

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