Idea Journal


    Use strategies to locate, identify, and describe new ideas.
    Identify problems or issues that need a new solution.


    1. The journal can be a word file or whatever format is most suitable to you and agreed upon by the instructor.

    2. The ideas will come from virtually anywhere. Look at situations that interest you and try to identify what problems may exist while thinking about how you might improve upon how things are done currently.

    3.Each idea should be accompanied by a problem and how you can solve the problem or at least improve upon the current situation.

    4. Try to come up with ideas that are possible based upon your experience and resources.

    5. Developing a new rocket booster for space travel is not what Im looking for.

    6. Try to have a wide range of ideas. The assignment will be evaluated on the number of ideas, the diversity/flexibility of the ideas, and how clearly you articulate each idea.

    7. When submitted, your journal must include no fewer than ten entrepreneurial ideas to get top marks.

    8. Your ideas should be thoroughly outlined in an MS Word compatible format.

    9. Submit your journal through electronic submission.

    10.Students must present a minimum of 10 well-supported ideas.

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