Idea and a viable new business report of minimum 1000 words including PowerPoint presentation

    Learning Outcomes being assessed:
        Differentiate between an idea and a viable new business.
        Demonstrate basic practices to support scaling, organizational innovation, and change management to benefit organizations and society.
        Express how to connect innovation and entrepreneurship to their own career development and paths

    Draft a report of minimum 1000 words on the following:
    FYI: Points number 1,2,3 are related to each other, Point number 4 (next point) is separate.
    1)    Innovative idea details & Justifications (10/55)
    Suggest an innovative idea (identify the idea) which could create value in the society (for Future) and become a viable business (identify what kind of value it will create? / visible kind of business in the future). Give four justifications for it viability (Why it will become a viable business?)
        You could think of any kind of procedure, process, service or goods which are kind of in the stage of idea developing, idea testing or idea refinement.
        How it can come in the society in the future?
        How it can become a business idea to be used to sell goods and services to the society?
    2)    Challenges (12/55)
    What could be the challenges in making it a successful business? Explain any four challenges.
    3)    Ways for overcoming the challenges (12/55)
    What should be done to overcome each of the four challenges identified in #2. Explain in detail for overcoming each challenge.
    4)    Career path and innovation scaling (17/55)
    Identify your current field of study (Business major bachelor) and mention any three future innovations that could appear in your field. What impacts might each of those innovations have on your career path
    5)    List the exact references as footnotes on the respective pages, for the source of information.

        All the above finding will also be presented in around 10-minute presentation.
        Make sure to cover all main points are covered in 6 to 8 slides excluding the content and end page.
        Please write the explanation in the note of each slide.
        No need for the references in the PowerPoint.
        No need for design.

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