I would like a written petition for entry into the Embry Riddle University’s engineering program

    So I need a petition to get into the  Embry Riddle University’s engineering program. Here is the email I received from them: Review of your application reflects that your math skills assessment scores fall below the minimum requirements for entry into your selected engineering degree program. To be considered for possible conditional admission, please upload a concise, well written petition which incorporates your academic and/or professional background, your long-term professional goals, and define how Embry-Riddles undergraduate engineering program supports those interests and goals. Please upload this document along with a recent resume for me to include in your application packet using the secure upload link. Submission of documentation does not guarantee admission.

    So my background history is that I’m in the Army and my occupation in the Army is being a Unit Supply specialist and I already have an Associate’s degree in criminal justice and I also have a interest in the subject of engineering. Also my long term goal is to become a engineer.

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