HUS 550 Human Services Issue and Policy Paper

    Please choose a topic that’s great for you to write about and provide me the name of the topic by January 17th.  I need to provide the instructor name of the topic.  Thank you.

    Learning Outcome 4: Examine current literature to assess the theoretical, conceptual and
    practical knowledge base for policy analysis, advocacy and development.
    Learning outcome 6: Integrate the Saint Leo core values of integrity and community into the
    foundation of effective policy development.
    To complete this assignment, students may choose one of three options:
    Select an organizational policy from a human service organization. Caution: if this option
    is selected, enough historical information must be readily available to complete part 1.
    Select a historical federal or state human service policy (New Deal, No Kid Left Behind,
    TANF, etc.).
    Select a current federal or state human service policy (healthcare, child support,
    insurance, etc).
    The following websites may be helpful with brainstorming policy ideas.
    National Conference of State Legislatures
    U S Department of Health & Human Services
    NOTE: your topic must be submitted by the end of week 2.
    Paper Format (minimum of 8 pages excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages):
    Title Page
    The paper must include a historical overview of the policy. Discuss the period issues that
    galvanized the policy. What were the main goals of the policy? Who advocated for and
    against the policy? Who were the beneficiaries of the policy? Beneficiaries? Eligibility
    Suggested completion by week 3
    Political ideology: Discuss the ideology that provided the policys context. What are the
    ideological views of human nature and non-governmental and governmental programs?
    Suggested completion by week 4
    Policy Analysis, Advocacy, and Alternatives: Discuss the policies outcomes. Were the
    original goals achieved? If the goals were not achieved, provide an alternative that would
    address the human service needs. Discuss stakeholders and specific steps that would
    be utilized to create an effective social policy.

    Suggested completion by week 5
    Integration of Core Values and ethical standards: Utilizing the core values of integrity
    and community and 2 ethical standards, explain the importance and requirement for
    human service practitioners to engage in advocacy and policy development. When
    discussing policy development and advocacy, do so from a macro level approach.
    Suggested completion by week 5

    Please following HUS 550 Course Rubrics on page 21 and 22..  Please make sure add week 5 to to the paper.

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