Human rights

    Brief Description:
    After reading and discussing the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” as well as the
    human rights articles assigned for class, choose a specific human rights injustice and write an
    essay arguing for change. You may write about any issue you like; however, choose
    something that is currently happening in our world, and utilize information about
    organizations, groups, or individuals who are working to create change. (See ideas for how to
    focus on human rights and the Coronavirus at the end of this assignment.)
    The topic you are writing about may affect your life or your children’s lives, so creating
    change today can set an example for future generations. Also, injustices that affect people in
    this country and other countries may affect the whole world.
    Consider your opinion and your position carefully. Remember, an intelligent argument is one
    that considers all sides of the issue at hand, utilizes evidence, and arrives at a position based
    on careful thought.
    Assignment Requirements:
    Choose a human rights issue that you have strong or passionate feelings about. Before you
    begin drafting your essay, gather research to inform your thoughts. Then, in a class free write,
    address the following questions and answer them to the best of your ability based on what
    youve read:
    Where is the situation?
    Who is being victimized and who is in power?
    What specifically needs to change?
    How does the change need to begin and/or who has begun it already?
    Why should it matter to your audience if this change doesn’t occur?

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