Human Resources Analysis

    Assuming the role of an HR business partner, conduct an analysis of a department in your current workplace. If you are not currently working or are uncomfortable talking about internal issues in your current organization, feel free to refer to a prior organization/department with which you have experience.  You may select any department; it does not have to be an HR department.  Organizational and personal identities may be kept private by masking real names if you prefer.
    Include an introduction to the chosen organization so there is context to the organization.
    Address your departments role and contribution to your organizations strategies (possibly as a SWOT).
    Evaluate the recruiting strategies in your organization and what changes are needed.
    What comprehensive recruitment strategies would you include to encourage diversity in your organization from an organizational culture standpoint?
    How would you assess your organizational compensation structure in a way that is fair and equitable for all employees?
    What steps would you take around organizational culture and creating an ethical organizational culture?
    Explain why these recommendations would be effective.
    What role does mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration have in this process of inclusion and equity?
    Add a one-page executive summary to the beginning of the document.


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