Human Resources

    Final Project Part 3 of 4: Employee Engagement Project Proposal Annotated Bibliography

    1.    Outcome measurement:
    a.    Propose an employee engagement plan

    2.    Introduction:
    a.    For the final project, you will have the opportunity to review employee engagement, its concepts, and develop an action plan that you can implement to improve employee engagement.  The intent of the project is to solicit feedback from your instructor before the final paper is due.

    3.    Instructions:
    a.    Utilizing our assigned reading, CUW library, and other scholarly materials, you will prepare a 8-10 double spaced page paper (not including, title page, references or appendices) following APA guidelines. This paper should exhibit some critical thinking on the part of the student.  Each paper should be well organized and readable.

    4.    Answer the following points in your paper:
    a.    Describe the organization in which you plan to implement the employee engagement strategy.
    b.    Provide an overview of the employee engagement that you will be addressing (i.e. labor relations, benefits, training and development, strategic planning, etc).
    c.    Explain the employee engagement strategy theory or model that you will utilize.
    d.    Describe how you will implement the strategy.
    e.    Explain how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

    5.    Grading and Assessment: The assignment will be graded on content and per the assignment rubric.

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