Human Resources

    Final assignment

    You will need to choose a topic from the list below:

    1.  Are discrepancies in salaries between locals and expats fair?

    2. How cultural differences influence incentives and reward systems?

    3. With globalization, peoples behaviors and values are increasingly becoming similar, and especially so in organizations. Therefore, in 10 years time, the IHRM of multicultural organizations will be conducted globally.

    4.  Given the growth of MNCs what the possibilities of are effectively regulating them?

    5. Is age diversity a problem for companies?

    6. Is positive discrimination fair?

    7. How can sustainability be demonstrated as good corporate social responsibility?

    Length: Minimum 2,500 to Maximum 3,000 words

    I  wanted to give you some guidelines for the final essay:

    The topics are either questions or statements, so you basically need to discuss the options available (yes, no or proposal 1, proposal 2 ), supported with evidence based on data, and/ or literature, practical examples are also welcome (countries, companies) and then propose a conclusion.

    This is what I am going to look at for the grading.

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