Good morning Everyone and Professor,
    At present, I follow the accommodating emotion while managing the emotions. It helps me to recognize the emotions of others as well as myself and try to establish a balance among the different feelings. It helps me to motivate my team and help them feel to be cared and connected with the system. Further, it helps me to react according to the situations and prevent the suppression of emotions.
    The advantages are:
    1.  Recognizing the importance of emotions and its roles in productivity
    2.  An approach of  thinking before act, led by accommodating emotions
    3.  Helps in managing stress at work
    4.  Brings an emotional balance between work and personal engagement
    The disadvantages are:
    1.  Sometimes, it makes emotions to drive the decision
    2.  Can cause hindrance in taking tough decisions
    The emotional style has changed over a period. It started with the suppressed emotion during the young age. Slowly and progressively, it moved towards accommodating with the accumulation of knowledge, experience and maturity. Growing responsibilities also played an important role as accommodating emotion works better and healthy at the workplace and I can manage my stress also.
    Expression of the joyous side of the personality, celebrating an occasion involving others, making a lighter environment with humor are now frequently used by myself to show the emotions I feel. It contributes towards building trust with people and initiation of a positive relationship, starts that goes beyond the office place.

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