HubSpot Case

    Halligan & Shaw have this theory of Inbound Marketing. Describe inbound & outbound marketing and create a 2 x 2 matrix describing the pros and cons of inbound and outbound marketing. (You should be able to answer in less than about 250 words. You can create a spreadsheet in the tool to create a 2 x 2 matrix.)
    Why does HubSpot need to decide between the two customer segments? Why cant they just serve any of the customers they attract?
    On what segment should they focus: Owner Ollies or Marketing Marys? Your analysis should calculating their customer lifetime values (CLVs).
    Assess the HubSpot sales process, including the conversion rates in the sales funnel. Where are they succeeding and where are they struggling? What suggestions would you make to help them improve in these weak areas?
    OK, lets finally address the central dilemma of this case how they should mix outbound and inbound marketing. What would you recommend?

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