How U. S. Marine Corps uses Concepts by Simon Sinek

    Watch both Simon Sinek videos listed below (approx. 17-19 min each. Both can also be found via google simon sinek then choose videos).  As you watch, make notes and think critically about how the ideas presented can be related to the USMC and sustaining the transformation.  Use these thought questions to help get your brainstorming started and focus your ideas:

    How do these concepts relate to today’s Marines?  What ideas can you come up with to impact sustained change in your Marines and unit? Think about both the positive and negative.  What about the entire USMC?  How are the ideas in the video similar or different to what you already see and do?  What ideas could you use or try? What wouldn’t work and why not? Are there ideas to apply to your own command with its specific characteristics and issues? What difference can you make on your own? Does anything in the videos inspire you to act? Does it change the way you see the overall culture or climate of the Corps?  Can you think of anything you can now do or try differently?

    Video: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18:34):

    Video: First Why, then Trust (17:06):

    PROMPT:  In his videos, Simon Sinek uses simple concepts to explain success.  Choose two of these concepts and explain how the USMC uses them.

    Concept Examples:  The “Split”, The “Why”, The Golden Circle, Inside out thinking, Law of Diffusion/Innovation, Buy In etc.

    Your paper should include the basic elements of an academic paper (introduction, body, and conclusion) and use proper sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar.  It should be 3-4 pages typed, double spaced with a clear thesis statement that makes a claim and proves it.  Do not just give the reader information. And please use if you can, Use “Law of Diffusion/Innovation and The “Split” as the two of the concepts to write about and must be original please.

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