How Social Media Affects Teenagers

    ***I need you to edit what you can from what I already wrote and add 2 more pages to it. Also update references***

    The Cause and Effect Essay is due this week. The lesson, assigned reading, and online discussion will help you to complete the assignment successfully. As a reminder, the basic requirements are shown below.

    Length: Four to five pages (1,000 to 1,250 words)
    Compose the essay using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman.
    Format and cite at least four high-quality sources using the seventh edition of APA. Consult Chapter 14, pages 389420, for a sample essay and numerous types of citations.
    Don’t forget to submit your assignment for grading.

    ENGL112 Cause and Effect Essay
    ENGL112 Cause and Effect Essay
    Criteria    Ratings    Pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction and Thesis
    An appropriate topic is chosen from the list of approved topics or was approved by the instructor. The introduction provides a rationale for the topic choice as well as a clear and convincing thesis.
    20.0 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization
    The essay is organized according to effects of a cause, causes of an effect, or causal chain. The chosen organization is logical and consistent throughout.
    30.0 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDevelopment
    The essay features a well-developed discussion based on the organizational structure. The essay identifies the most important effects of the cause, causes of the effect, or elements of the causal chain. The essay meets or exceeds the minimum length requirement.
    50.0 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearch
    The essay includes APA style in-text references to at least four relevant, high-quality sources. The essay includes a correctly formatted references list.
    40.0 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStyle and Mechanics
    The voice of the writer is clear, distinct, and appropriate. The writers message is clearly communicated with appropriate spelling and use of grammar and punctuation. Errors do not significantly interfere with meaning.
    20.0 pts
    Total Points: 160.0

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