How Marketers are Effectively Using Social Media.

    Directions:  Read the following two articles:
    1.    Csutoras,Brent. (2018, June 7).  Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategies Effective?  Heres How Youll Know. Inc.. Retrieved December 19, 2018 from
    2.    Council, Y. E. (2019, September 25). 11 Surprising Social Media Tips That Really Work For Businesses. Retrieved from

    Find at least two (2) additional articles (less than two years old) on how marketers are effectively using social media. 

    Type a 250 word short essay in Arial 10 point double-spaced format, titled How Marketers are Effectively Using Social Media. 
        At the end, include the sources of your information for each article using APA format.

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