How has media changed over the years?


    For this response paper, consider the following:

    How has media changed over the years? How has the understanding of the IDEA of media changed over the years?

    Do you believe that the types we have discussed are truly influencing society, social and cultural behavior, etc? How so?

    Example previous paper topics:

    The negatives and positives of media on society
    How the news media has shifted politics over time
    Shift in music and womens representation
    How shift in media diversity affected society
    How media shift affected economy and business
    Transition from radio based to TV society
    Changes in music and their impact

    BE SPECIFIC.  This response paper requires you to do a little research. Cite some examples AND THEIR SOURCES.
    Give explanations for your opinions, because college.
    3-4 pages
    1000 words
    APA style (title page, running head, page numbers, references)
    Proper Grammar and Punctuation

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