How do performers approach Bach’s solo instrumental music differently?

    Hi! I had an order from you before, and here is another project that requires 8 more pages basically and a revised version. I will upload the one you did before!

    Project 5: Formal Paper: Research Proposal: Due Week 15

    The final project 5 is a cumulative, formal paper with a complete research proposal that includes revised project 3 and Detailed Research Plan. Follow the research plan outlined in Chapter IV.
    This final paper will have a minimum of 21 pages not including references, a minimum of 15 pieces of related literature, double-spaced, 12 point font. References (not bibliography) pages do not count as page numbers.
    YOU MUST INCLUDE THE REVISED PROJECT 3 in PROJECT 5. All papers MUST be in APA style. (Links to an external site.) (please use this page as often as you need to)
    The detailed research plan must demonstrate your knowledge of techniques of research learned in this class, particularly the technique that you select to use to conduct your planned research. In this paper, you will describe the method of data collection, method of data analysis, interpretation, impact, who will benefit from your research, timeframe, and projected budget, and future research and recommendation.

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