Hospitality Segmented Markets

    For the discussion, research the names Stanley C. Plog and Peter Drucker. Plog studied the traveler extensively in trying to understand why and where people travel. Drucker (subject of review in week seven) is more related to management overall, but you can apply Drucker’s theories once you identify who your guest is and why they are there.

    For the discussion, define brand management and market segmentation. Also, choose any hotel brand or type and explain how they create appeal for a specific market segment. 

    To view the iRubric and to review feedback after your forum has been graded, click on the checkerboard icon in your gradebook  checkerboard for iRubric

    Instructions:  The goal of forum discussions is to have a robust, informative, and reflective interaction about course topics. How much you learn is directly related to how much effort you put into participation.

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