Hong Kong New Wave Cinema

    Talk about Hong Kong New Wave Films through a historical framework. When thinking about which kind of framework or focus you want to take, consider some of these potential avenues:
    How concepts of authorship or film style were affected by the political environment in which the film was made e.g. under fascism, post-colonialism
    The role the government played in constricting or liberating film production, for example, through legislation or subsidies and other financial support.
    Other cultural or social issues that the film/s may address directly, such as youth culture, feminism, immigration, violence, etc. These issues must be historically situated within a specific national context (in other words, think about why are your issue is important, or being debated in the time and place the film is being made?) This information will help you analyze your film, by providing historical context for your analysis.

    You must use at least 4-5 sources you have found during research. All 5 sources may be secondary

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