hominin or primate

    Write a 3 page paper on a hominin or primate of your choosing, NOT INCLUDING Homo sapiens.

    The paper could address the following questions:
    1.    What is the species and taxonomy?
    2.    What are anatomical characteristics and how are they similar or different to their ancestors?
    3.    What are some behavioral traits?
    a.    How did/does it get its food?
    b.    Does it use tools?
    c.    How does it interact with others?
    d.    What are the life stages?
    e.    What are the mating habits?
    4.    What is/was the social structure?
    Include a works cited page: at least 3 peer reviewed sources
        In-Text citations
        Only 2-3 quotes (that are each no more than a sentence)
        Formal writing style
        Complete works cited page

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