Write a ROUGH DRAFT of the entire paper- introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, Works Cited page

    Introduction- introduce the topic and the various aspects in a general overview; thesis is the last sentence of the introduction

    Body of the paper- This is a research PAPER of 3-5 pages,  NOT a five (5) paragraph essay. Your paper should have sections that contain several paragraphs. From your research sources, you should be able to pull information that you will organize into these various sections and then explain in detail in the paragraphs.

    You must prove your thesis. For the debatable issue, that means you have created a convincing argument supported by valid information; it is a persuasive paper.  For the career topics, that means you have proven how the traits from the thesis are  necessary in that career. Also you have provided information on all aspects of the career (schooling/certifications, salaries, types, daily expectations, what it takes to be successful).

    The information you use should be cited from the source using MLA in-text citations. Depending on the format of the source citation entry, you should put the last name of the author in the parenthesis OR the title of the source. Samples below:

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