History – The Capture of Port Hoogly

    How do these two accounts of the Battle of Hoogly differ?  Is there any way to reconcile the two into a single narrative?

    Background: In 1632, the Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan, ordered an attack on the city of Hoogly, a fortified Portuguese trading post on the northeastern coast of India.  For the Portuguese, who had profited from half a century of triangular trade between India, China, and various countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the loss of Hoogly at the hands of the Mughals hastened the decline of their influence in the region.  Presented here are two contemporary versions of the battle.  The first, from the Padshahnama (Book of Kings), relates the course of events from the Mughal point of view.  The second account is by John Cabral, a Jesuit missionary who was a resident of Hoogly at the time.


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