For this assignment, you will be creating a journal documenting the experiences of Europeans who lived during the 14th Century.  Your journal must have at least 5 entries, but no more than 7 entries. Each entry should not be more than one page in length, but should be at least one or two paragraphs.

    Please submit your assignment as a WORD document by adding the file as an attachment.  You must then hit the Submit button to submit the file.

    Use the following primary source readings.  The readings can be found in The 14th Century Lessons Module.  You may also use the Lessons Modues, your textbook, and links found in the Links Tool to gather information for your journal and to help you complete the assignment.

    Introduction to Boccacio’s The Decameron

    Chronicles of Sir John Froissart

    Your journal must answer and address each of the following topics:

    Discuss how the Bubonic Plague affected life and society.  To what lengths did people go to avoid the plague?  What effect did it have on European society and culture?
    Discuss the aftermath of the Bubonic Plague.  How did the plague transform Europe’s population, labor force, and society?  What were some of the long lasting effects of the plague?       
    Discuss two battles during the Hundred Years War from the perspective of the French or the English. One battle must be a victory and one battle must be a loss.  To what extent did technology play a role in these battles?  What advantages did your country have?  How was warfare ultimately affected by the Hundred Years War?
    Discuss how the Hundred Years War affected the peasantry, nobility, and society in England and France. 
    You may wish to create your entries in the form of a soldier or officer chronicling historical events or keeping a diary during the 14th century, a soldier writing home to his family, a member of nobility or a peasant writing to a loved one, a king chronicling events that occurred during his reign, or even an ordinary person keeping a diary of what he or she observes. Use your imagination! Be creative! Get in character and write as if you actually lived during the 14th Century!

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