Historical Analysis on The Revolutionary War

    The goal of the compare and contrast assignment is to demonstrate that you understand that material, can do further research on the topic, form and opinion, and defend that opinion well. In this assignment, you will choose a side on the revolutionary war. You must choose wether or not the colonies should fight to be independent. This was a major debate in the colonies, as not everyone agreed that the colonies should be independent.

    To begin the paper, a thesis statement should be clear in the introduction. For instance, the thesis statement of this paper would briefly state WHY you agree with the Patriots that the colonies should be independent.

    In the body of the paper, explain how the colonies got to this point. (I.E, what events led up to the Revolutionary War). Explain the views of the patriots (those that want independence for the colonies) and the Loyalists (those who want to stay British Colonies.) After stating each sides position, you must decide whether you are a Patriot or a Loyalist. Be sure to explain your decision. Use historical evidence to back up your decision. See rubric for further details.

    The paper should be four to five pages total, with the explanation of the positions of both sides and background being 2-3 pages, and analysis being 2-3 pages as well. Paper is Due February 28, 2020

    In order to fully defend your position, it will be necessary for you to look for information outside of the textbook. Please include at least three sources, other than the textbook. Only one of the sources can be from the internet( Wikipedia is not acceptable). See the Chicago Manual of Style reference sheet posted on Angel for proper citation guides. A bibliography as well as parenthetical notations should be used. For any questions, see me or the Chicago Manual of Style reference sheet.

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