Henry Ford how he changed the automobile industry

    If you have any questions please let me know.This essay needs to be about how Henry Ford change the automobile industry using the articles provided write a two page essay. The work cited page is provided so you can attach it to the final essay. also answer this questions. Transcontinental Railroad:
    1) Why was building the T/C railroad after the civil war considered of vital importance for the United States?
    2) What important role did Chinese immigrants play in building the Central Pacific Line?
    3) Why did the building of the T/C railroad spell destruction for the Native American way of Life?
    4) What were many of the challenges faced in building the T/C railroad?
    5) How did the T/C railroad transform America?
    American Industrial Revolution:
    1) What technologies change America from an agricultural nation into an industrial one?
    2) What changes start to happen in America as a result of industrialization?
    3) What are some of the living conditions that new immigrants face in America’s growing cities?
    4) What are the challenges for a new urbanized America?

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