Healthcare Quality Assurance

    Question 1 –275 words **use at least one outside resource**
    Patient Involvement in Health Care Improvement

    The call for active patient involvement in CQI activities is in line with changes to the traditional patient clinician relationship that have occurred over several decades. Rather than be passive, unquestioning recipients of medical care, patients have demanded, and have even been encouraged to become active partners in both their health and the health care.

    What are the pros and cons of active patient involvement, and support your response.

    Question 2 –275 words **use at least one outside resource**
    Engineering a Culture of Safety

    How do we create an organizational climate in health care that fosters safety, and what are its ingredients? Explain what organizational learning must take place to cause a shift in mindset recognizing the inevitability of errors and proactively seeking latent threats?

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