Healthcare Misinformation

    For your final assignment, you will find and correct 2 pieces of health misinformation. For this assignment, you will seek and select your pieces of misinformation. As we did in class, you will then deconstruct your chosen misinformation into researchable questions.


    Spend some time searching for and identifying 2 pieces of healthcare misinformation online.  Each should contain claims that are partially or wholly untrue. These claims should be health-related, robust,  and researchable.
    For each piece you select, prepare a brief write-up that includes the following:
    Identify where the misinformation came from, and who the misinformation is targeted toward;
    Identify any assumptions the source is making;
    Write 3-5 sentences about why this is/you believe this is misinformation;
    Deconstruct each piece of misinformation into at least 5 researchable questions that you will need to answer to correct/address your chosen piece.
    Please include a working link or screenshot for each piece of misinformation.

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