healthcare industry-based peer reviewed study.

    You are to locate a healthcare industry-based, peer reviewed (refereed) study. The research design (or methodology) isnt important for this particular assignment. You will be expected to properly identify the purpose of the study and its research question or questions. Please keep in mind that these components of the study may not be clearly identified by name or set apart in their own sections within the publication. If either or both components are missing, you will propose a purpose statement and/or research question or questions relying on the available information within the existing study. If any component is present, you will critique their clarity and appropriateness using the supplemental sources made available for this unit or other credible sources you locate. Remember, there should be a clear linkage between the purpose of the study and the research questions. You are to point out the strengths with supporting rationale and tangible suggestions for strengthening these components of the study.

    To complete this assignment, you should provide a link to the study if available in the Internet OR source information,

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